History of Koinonia

Koinonia is a spin off from a Catholic Cursillo (which is a short course in Christianity) . Cursillos started in Spain in the 1940’s. Two Spanish Airmen serving in Texas in the late 1950’s introduced it into the U.S. In the 1970’s, A Mrs. Musser wished to attend a Cursillo with her husband, however at that time they were for “Men Only”. So, along with their pastor, they developed a weekend, called it Koinonia (gathering) and structured it as to not to teach doctrine or denomination, but just teach JESUS!

In May of 1972 K-1 & K-2 were held near Findlay, Ohio. 1975 saw the ministry expand to Columbus, Ohio. A couple from the greater Dayton Area attended CK-10, they felt a calling to expand the ministry to Dayton, Ohio and with the help of Columbus Koinonia the first Dayton Koinonia was held in December 1984. DK-1 was held at St. Edmonds Retreat Center near Cincinnati. The closing of St Edmonds Retreat Center took us to Proctor Farms Retreat Center, south of London, Ohio for several weekends. Then the ministry was moved to Kirkmont Center, north of Urbana, Ohio. We now hold weekends in Xenia, Ohio using the Athletes in Action Buildings located on the grounds of the Legacy Center.

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