Hello everyone. It’s that time of year again and another DK weekend is just around the corner. DK-65 Rector, Ray Starr and his assistant, Tammy Phillips are hard at work putting together the team. Please be in prayer for them and the team that is coming together to serve the participants of the weekend.

Speaking of participants, do you have someone in mind that you would love to have experience a DK weekend? It’s time to get those applications in. We know what it is like to see if we are going to be on the team then figure out who we would like to send, but please put that thought aside. If you know someone who can be blessed by the weekend sponsor them even if you aren’t serving on team this time around. Remember the blessing is theirs to be had. We’ve all been there and done that, right? We know it’s nice to be there and see them bloom…but remember that actual grace thing?

Cost! That’s always a consideration. Right now the board is looking at a cost of somewhere between $140 to $160, BUT we already have one fund raiser completed and are working on another to try and get that cost down. Last spring we also had several people who were not on the team but offered to sponsor a participant or two. If you are able and willing to let that be your actual grace to someone for the weekend, please do so!!

Applications can be electronically completed on the DK website, or you can print out a hard copy from the same web site if someone would rather go that route.

The weekend is April 26-28th, and our deadline for applications is 2 weeks prior to that because we have specific deadlines that we must meet with the facility we are using. So please, don’t wait until the last minute.

Keep DK-65 in your prayers!  Any questions, contact me at

Lynn Davey – Pre-K Coordinator

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