IMPORTANT – fund raiser

The board has initiated an exciting fundraiser, featuring Little Caesars pizza, which is for the purpose of assisting with individual costs for the upcoming weekend.  All of you can participate and take advantage of this fundraiser for yourselves, friends, and family!

There are hard copy order forms and flyers available that can be used, but you can also order anything on the flyer you choose by doing so online.  Steps to do so are:

– Go to

Click on ‘Products,’ then click on ‘Shop.’

Select Ship My order to the Group.

Enter Fundraiser  ID # ‘365302.’

Follow prompts to create your User ID.

Pay directly online with credit card.

These orders must be made by 11:00 PM on 3/18/19.

There are multiple sizes and types of pizza and, also, breads and desserts.  All pizzas are prepared as requested and frozen so that you can stock your freezer! They can then be picked up at Maiden Lane Church of God gym on 3/26/19 starting at 10:30 a.m, and must be picked up that day.

Please feel free to call Nikki Tackett at 937-207-4552 or email at with any questions or if you would like to pick up a hard copy order form and flyer.

Thank you for your support and participation!  This is something all will enjoy, and it will help so much with weekend costs!





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