The theme for DK-56 is from Habakkuk 3:19, “He enables me to go to the heights.”


The April reunion and support party for DK-56 will be April 26 at 7:00 at Maiden Lane Church of God, 1201 Maiden Lane, Springfield,  OH.  Come and bring your songbook, name tag, a snack to share, and a 2 liter of pop.  We are excited about upcoming DK-56 and look forward to seeing everyone there!!  PLEASE ENTER FROM THE MAIDEN LANE SIDE OF THE CHURCH!!




It is time to begin submitting applications for persons for DK-56!!  Reminder – the weekend will be held the first weekend in May this year, rather than the standard 4th weekend in April due to scheduling conflicts.

On the application page above you may print a hard copy application or file the application online for your participant(s).  Hard copy applications should be sent to Robin Akers at 1761 Liberty Rd, New Carlisle, Ohio  45344.  Online applications will be forwarded to Robin.

Also, be informed that the board has decided to supplement some of the cost of this weekend; however, it cannot supplement the cost as much as it did for DK-55.  The cost for participants and team for this weekend will be $100 each.  With that, the board is supplementing approximately $35 per person.


EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT!!! In order to raise funds for Koinonia, specifically for the May 2-4 DK-56 weekend, some very brave individuals have chosen to tackle the 75 mile bike trail from Springfield to Newtown, outside of Cincinnati. This ride will take place on Saturday, April 26. The goal is to raise $1500 in sponsorship/donations thru this effort. Currently, Treves Wilson and Sean Baker will be riding, but there is room for others to jump on board (or on bike!)  YOU CAN DO ANY PART OR THE WHOLE OF THE 75 MILE TRAIL.  Treves will be the contact for anyone interested in joining these guys for a fun-filled, challenging day. Please private message him or Tracy on Facebook, and you will be contacted. Donations of any amount per mile biked or for a fixed amount would be highly appreciated. You may contact Treves or Sean with this, also. Someone may contact each of you, as well, for any commitment to this effort you can make. There will not be an official “sag wagon,” but anyone who would like to offer their services in terms of driving to specific locations along the path would be greatly appreciated. We have not done this before, but know if we all get behind this and match the excitement already generated, it will be a very, very successful fund raiser for Koinonia. The shared experience and feeling of accomplishment of each one involved will also be priceless. You may go to this web page to see the details for the bike path. – LET’S GO, KOINONIANS!!!


Please note on the “application for koinonia weekend” tab there is the ability to submit an application online if you choose to do so.

There is also the capability to print a hard copy of the application that can be used, if desired.


As has been announced, Dayton Koinonia weekends will be held at Proctor Farms south of London, Ohio beginning in October of 2014.

The spring weekend of 2014 will be held at the AIA facility in Xenia as in the past.  However, due to scheduling conflicts, the DK-56 weekend will be held the first weekend in May rather than the standard 4th weekend in April.

Please be patient as the board proceeds, and know your (the organization’s) best interests are at the forefront of all decision making.  There will be more information posted as available.

Thank you.


In accordance with the DK Bylaws, a review committee is to be established every odd year [2011, 2013, 2015, etc.] to make recommendations for bylaw amendments. These recommendations are reviewed by the Dayton Continuance Board prior to being submitted to the general membership for ratification.

Below are the amendments to the DK Bylaws from the 2013 review committee, that were approved by the Continuance Board, and were ratified by the DK Membership at the November reunion. These are now the bylaws governing Dayton Koinonia, as amended November 2013.

Bylaws of Dayton Koinonia Rev November 2013


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