The Koinonia board will be replacing two (2) persons in the near future. First, there is now a vacancy to be filled in the secretary position. Tina Hunt has resigned that role and has been chosen by the board to fill the role of Spiritual Ministry Coordinator. Therefore, there is an unexpired term for secretary that needs to be filled immediately. Also, at the first of the year the role of warden will need filled for a 3 year term. If anyone has any interest in either ones of these positions, please respond to Joy Cordell on facebook, private message, respond to the email, or let any board member know of your interest. We will be praying over the names of all those showing interest as we continue to strive to provide God’s leadership for Dayton Koinonia. Qualififications to service on the board are that any prospective board member must have served on three (3) different Koinonia on-site positions. This includes a home team position. Thanks.


The July reunion is coming fast!! Come join us on Saturday, July 19, at St Paris Church of God shelter house, across from Graham Elementary School, St Rt 36, St Paris at 7:00!! Bring your name tag, your song book, a snack to share, a 2 liter of pop, and a smile!!! Teams are now being formed for the October weekend so, if you are interested, be sure to come and sign up indicating that. Hope to see everyone there!!,-83.9360029,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x883f6a99794cb7a7:0xc6caaaaa87859dc4


Please note on the “application for koinonia weekend” tab there is the ability to submit an application online if you choose to do so.

There is also the capability to print a hard copy of the application that can be used, if desired.


In accordance with the DK Bylaws, a review committee is to be established every odd year [2011, 2013, 2015, etc.] to make recommendations for bylaw amendments. These recommendations are reviewed by the Dayton Continuance Board prior to being submitted to the general membership for ratification.

Below are the amendments to the DK Bylaws from the 2013 review committee, that were approved by the Continuance Board, and were ratified by the DK Membership at the November reunion. These are now the bylaws governing Dayton Koinonia, as amended November 2013.

Bylaws of Dayton Koinonia Rev November 2013

The Stone Was Rolled Away: A devotion from Rev. Treves Wilson, DK Chaplain

Click for a PDF of Treves’s latest devotion.

The Stone Was Rolled Away



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